About us

Mongrel Dogs are an original rock band from London, U.K. formed in 2015 and comprised of members from all around the globe. Jonathon ‘Jono’ Palmer (Vocals), Alvaro Alonso (Guitar), Gustavo Passarella (Bass) and Lewis Veitch (Drums) all gravitated from their respective hometowns in Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Scotland towards the Big Smoke to write music.
The band explores several rock sub-genres (blues, hard rock, punk, psychedelic, classic rock) without necessarily being defined by one in particular. Their songwriting reflects the lifestyle they lead as young musicians living in the big city: nightlife, relationships and personal experiences.

Their aggressive presence onstage combined with their hard hitting energetic set has given the band notoriety within the rock circuit in London. The band has played several of the most iconic music venues in London such as: Borderline, Camden Assembly, 93 Feet East, The Black Heart, The Monarch and The Big Red.